Greenet Plants and Flowers

Sri Lanka's best asset is her tropical location The 65,610 Sq kilometers is endowed with lands that are highly productive vegetative in her agricultural economy, which has stood for many many years.

Her history is remarkably rich in her cultural background so warm and friendly her people courteous and pleasant. The tropical location rich with its vegetative properties consists of 3650 flowering plants, 314 ferns and allies, 575 Mosses, 190 Liver Worst and 900 Algae, 23% or 837 flowering plants are endemic to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka yet reserved is a tropical rain forest the world popular "Singharaja". Many are the other natural reserves and forests that are conserved. This is unique to a tiny Island in the Indian Ocean.

A very large variety of plants have been introduced to the Island due to colonization. The Portuguese imported flora from South American countries, the Dutch brought in Exotics, the British bringing the most such as Crotons, Dracaenas, Cordylines, Pleomeles, Polycias to name a few.

Sri Lanka's Macro and Micro climatic conditions encourage the commercial growing of Roses, Carnations, Anthuriums, Orchids and tropical foliage etc.

WE ARE, "Greenet Plants and Flowers" is a totally Sri Lankan owned business establishment engaged in growing and exporting cut greens to the world around. Plants are grown totally, in order to obtain leaves or top cuttings. "Greenet" has been in business for nearly 10 years with a nursery of 30 hectares situated at Matale, five kilometres away from the center of Sri Lanka at "Nauala" backed by 150 employees with a packing facility and a Colombo head office also with a packing station close to the Airport. The best quality Greens are processed with an annual production turnover of nearly 80-100 tons of greens.

A flower, Cut Greens, d├ęcor with plants is a delicate business. Gentle handling and caring speaks the language of freshness of the produce.

The success of Greenet Plant and Flowers in a large competitive commercialized industry is the quality product that we offer, 24 hours speedy courteous service and working together with buyers, understanding the importance of a lasting relationship and to develop new products for a specific market are some key factors our special services offer in a homely atmosphere.